Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ronald Reagan-drug lord 'Rawhide'

Reagan declared a 'war on (some) drugs'- using this as a partial rationale, he declared war on the Nicaraguan Sandinista- to fund the Contras, Reagan illegally sold arms to the Ayatollah and took the profits to Central America-the Contras dealt drugs with the CIA's help to America and the world...and the profits were funneled back into the 'war...
'thus, Reagan became a major dope peddler. Drug money helps to finance covert wars and intelligence operations everywhere-the CIA and Mossad being the main players, in alliance with traditional mafia structures...

...Reagan lied about all this to the American people.

Notes from Oliver North's diary: July 9, 1984: "...wanted aircraft to go (to) Bolivia to pick up paste, want aircraft to pick up 1,500 Kilos."

July 12,1985: "14 million to finance Supermarket came from drugs." The term "Supermarket" refers to a Honduran weapons depot that was used to re-supply the Contras.

Reagan's appeal was almost entirely emotional-he sat tall in the saddle, and projected a grandfatherly image. But when people were asked about individual policies, usually they objected to them. Attacking defenseless countries (Grenada, Libya) made insecure Americans feel tough.


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