Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Many species of wildlife are now 'intersex,' or have been turned into hermaphrodites. Amphibians, fish, insects, birds....and now humans. Why or how?

Synthetic oestrogen from hospitals and private dwellings ('The Pill') is being dumped into the water supply, into our sewage systems near treatment plants. Most drinking water contains traces of estrogen (and Prozac). 250,000 babies in the US are being raised as girls, when they should have been born as complete males. Another culprit is common PVC plastic, which is everywhere. Plastic causes estrogen levels to rise, and also causes some obesity, which in turn is estrogenic- creating a feedback loop.

Dioxin, pesticides, etc., all might be contributing to the worldwide decline in human male fertility over the last four decades.


Blogger pilgrimchick said...

Wow--no kidding. Not that this surprises me at all.

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