Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Obama will retain Gates as Defense Secretary- a Republican who enthusiastically supported "water boarding" and the Guatanamo base-prisoner scenario.
A career soldier and officer of the Chevron corporation-James Jones-will be the new National Security Adviser.
Hillary Clinton will be Secretary of State- she failed miserably in the only two really big missions of her life: her recent campaign for president...and the botched health care initiative in 1993-4...

So the war hawks will oversee foreign policy...as Clinton and Carter-Reagan sloppy seconds will prevail over the looted economy (Geinther, Summers, Volker)...

I was right all along- Obama ran for Bush's third term...

You cannot get the nomination for president for either major party unless you have been bought by the International bankers...The prez is just a puppet. I truly feel sorry for those who strongly supported Obama's campaign, under the illusion that they were helping to create a new, better society. They've been had.
Obama even wants to strengthen the authoritarian laws that enhance the executive branch over the legislative and judicial.

"Posse Commitatus" is out- the national guard s have been dissolved- instead of being state militias' reserved for temporary emergencies...the national guards have been federalized. Laws are in place to federalize the Governors, to turn them into federal officers in charge of local federal forces(the old national guard)....these contingencies are being set up to deal with internal strife... social unrest in the event of an economic collapse. The stated purpose is to handle "terrorism" but thats just an excuse.
Folks, what we are dealing with is high treason. The nation is being transformed into a gulag. Unless the citizenry massively resist right now, whats left of the Republic is doomed.

I saw a close-up pic of the $30,000 ring Obama just bought for Michelle. Breathtakingly decadent...

I really wish I didn't have to write about politics. I'd rather write about metaphysics, or history or science. But politics is everything- decisions made by higher-ups have a profound impact upon our lives-politics cannot be ignored, you cannot put your head in the sand and expect to be able to breathe.


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