Sunday, December 07, 2008

You can't be like me

In this blog, I almost never discuss my day to day I feel, what I think about those around me. I tend to stick to political issues. I guess I'm disconnected from my self, I push my emotions away, I want to present certain ideas. I learned long ago that one must not cry or moan too much- life is hard, so deal with it. Suffer in silence, and get the job done. Here, I write about possible utopia's...lofty aspirations... methods for transcendence or liberation- freedom from drudge work and the alienation of the age. To look beyond- isn't that what separates us from the animals? They don't look beyond the surface- the world is what it is, as presented to them via their senses-chimpanzees persist in making begging gestures to humans who are blindfolded. They don't connect the loss of eyes to any other loss (that of the ability to give the chimp some alms). We go beyond- we speculate endlessly- peering into the inmost aspect of everything- our machines go to the outer planets, the bottom of the sea... we divine the secrets of atomic material... and crack the code of life itself, (and) conceptualize about our consciousness...yet we still suffer- we suffer like animals. We scrape and toil and beg for food and shelter and companionship. Forty centuries of organized urbanization, and too much is still left to chance. Irrational Man...the deadwood should be cut out. In some cultures, their holy men have long hair- this is symbolic- this means that they "go beyond." They see things that the rest of us don't- the bulk of humanity is just a collectivity of brutes, scratching for material goods- seeking things that are right in front of them, and no further. The people do not 'go beyond' mere appearance; they cannot- because they are animals on their way to the slaughter.


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