Friday, December 05, 2008


I stepped on a splinter last night, the offending object jammed itself way, way up into my foot- the sliver was about a third of an inch long, too long for tweezers...Despite the discomfort, I went to bed without doing anything about it. This morning I examined the injured area - the wood went straight in; I hobbled down the hall and found my scuba knife. After sterilizing the blade in boiling water, I began to cut- I sawed my foot as best I could...saw, saw, saw... my surgery sliced across the zone of the offence. I felt a lot of pain, the nerves down there were sensitive...I got mad- isn't that what your suppose to do, when you are reaching a physical limit? I pushed myself on with my anger- saw, saw, slice, slice... I kept cutting my foot, attempting to dig out the wood. Even though the sole of a foot has thick skin, I cut so deeply that blood began to drip....A Ha! I put the knife down and poked with my fingers as best I could and brought out a piece of the devil - I got half of it.

Then I soaked my foot in a bucket of hot soapy water for an hour- I took my folding camping knife with the serrated edge and raked it across the disaster zone...saw,saw, saw...the lacerations enabled the other half of the beam to wash out- finally!


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