Sunday, December 28, 2008

Final threat assessment

I was finishing up this post using a defective computer... I lost most of what I had written... with a single keystroke, my timely revelations were wiped out....I will come back here a week from now to rewrite everything(maybe)... rats.

below, you can read what's left...

1. On September 21 (26), 2001, the US Secretary of Agriculture declared a national emergency- Chronic wasting disease (CWD) is taking over our deer and elk populations...

2. the confirmed existence of many empty concentration camps in the US, and "Main Core," a list of alleged subversive-citizens who are meant to be harassed or interned (and tortured, by hired mercenaries), in the event of a catastrophic national crisis....8 million people are said to be on the list...

We are just TWO state legislature-votes away from having to hold a second national constitutional convention (the first one was in 1789). If two more states vote to have the convention, then one will legally have be called, and the delegates will be loaded with reps from creatures like Chase bank, Exxon, George Soros-funded organizations, front organizations backed by Arab Sheiks, neo-Klan outfits, etc....the convention will be a total mess. We will end up with an outright scrapping of most of the Bill of Rights and our current federal rules. Our "rights" will become government sponsored privileges; our "rights" will no longer be considered as intrinsic liberties. We are moving toward total tyranny anyway, but replacing our current laws with new duds will partly legitimize the Junta and its gross actions.

5. "Ammunition Accountability Act," (AAA) a proposed state (?) law, which many states are in the process of enacting...under this law, all ammunition sold in the US will be "encoded" with identifying markers. When ammunition is purchased, a record will be kept of who the purchurser was. The law also stipulates that ALL unmarked ammo will have to be turned in to authorities by 2011- it will be a felony to possess any unmarked ammo. This law will also raise taxes upon ammunition, pricing them -out- of -reach to most of the legitimate gun owning public.

Besides being an outright assault upon the second amendment, this proposed law is woefully impractical. The encoded markings can be erased by skillful means... the law will cause the criminal element to rob bullets from law abididing citizens, to help conceal a perpetrators crimes-police will find a bullet casing at a crime scene, trace it back to Joe Schmoe who bought it legally and honestly, but suffered the outrage of being burgled in the past just so a creep could get another persons bullets...
The AAA puts decent citizens at serious risk from ammunition- seeking criminals.

Today, US Army units officially take up a command and post in Indian Head, Maryland, to act as adjuncts to local civilan police forces, in the event of a nuclear, biologic, or radiologic, attack on the homeland. This is a direct violation of "Posse Comitatus." Due to excesses during Reconstruction, since 1878, the US military has been forbidden from acting in domestic law enforcement operations- our military and our domestic law enforcement issues are suppose to 100% separate.
Obama has tapped three four star generals and admirals to cabinet level rank- this is unprecedented, and signals the growing influence of our military chiefs upon our domestic policy.

"We will either find a way, or make one"- Hannibal of Carthage ( He was Romes most serious early threat. Crossed the Alps with his war elephants, and defeated several Roman armies-The battle of Cannae in 216 BC was his best victory- Hannibal could not capitalize on his successes because of a lack of seige equiptment, and the loss of his reinforcements in 207 BC.
For hundreds of years Roman mothers would scold their children by telling them that "Hannibal is at the gate"...During World War One, the German High Command was obsessed with winning another "Cannae").

"There is nothing impossible to him who will try"- Alexander the Great of Macedon (356-323 BC) Conquerer of most of the known world.

"I am happy almost every moment of every day. My life is beautiful. "- Me, Zero the blogger (well, semi beautiful).

I am the only normal person I know (sort of).

Black people think white people smell like wet dogs.

150,000 Jews or 'partial' Jews fought in Hitlers military-some Jews were Generals and Admirals in the Third Reich...this happened due to the tangle of racial purity laws and the conflict they became ensnared in when they tried to sort out Jews from 'authentic' Germans- some Jews had lived in Germany so long that intermarriage and nationalistic patriotism trumped the goal of Nazi purity. Hitler himself signed many exemptions that allowed Jews or half and quarterJews (Schilinge) to play prominent roles in the Reich. (Bryan Mark Rigg's 'Hitlers Jewish Soldiers' 2004)

My location, part of the time: about 35 degrees 53 minutes North by 77 degrees 43 minutes West...

Mental states seem to correlate with physical brain states, but it does not follow that they are equivlalent-this is a logical fallacy.

I'm taking a sabbatical from this blog, so I can study Kants ding -an -sich, and how it relates to Tarot... I also want to learn how to lasso cattle... and master Javanese puppet theatre.


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