Sunday, February 08, 2009

Ole Big ears spoke to the nation last night- giving very long -winded boring answers to mostly fluffy softball questions...Washington DC is braindead.

The stimulus bill- with interest, its over 1.3 trillion dollars- will be the largest spending bill in human history. The proposed legislation is really a patronage bill, designed to kick in just before the midterm elections.
None of the other bailouts worked- Bear Stears, AIG, the September $700 billion, the refund tax- cut check last year- all these measures failed. I guess if we just throw enough borrowed money down the economic rat hole, everything will work out.

Keynesianism can only succeed when the pre-existing debt is low.

Whats really going on: highly placed unseen financiers have lost trillions in the market (derivitiaves)...the problem is "securitization"...packaged debt instruments being sold down the line, and bets being placed on where a number will be on a certain point of time...These unseen, unelected power brokers are demanding compensation, from the taxpayers. We are being forced to bail out reckless gamblers and moral criminals.
State government budgets also gambled taxes away;they are now broke and begging....

Amnesty for the racist Mexicans in the meant to create a one party state- if the Dems push through an amnesty, these illegals will then be legally allowed to bring into the US a significant portion of their relatives. Almost overnight, the population of the US would increase by over 50 million people...If you assume that about 80% of these newcomers will vote for the party that legalized them, then you have a situation where the Republicans will become a 'minor detail' in politics.
Amnesty, if granted in the next four years, will end the two party system. Which is swell, if you support Pelosi-Obama's authoritarianism. Bush-Greenspan fascism, or Obama-Greenspan fascism, take your pick.

A mutiny has erupted in the Pentagon- senior Generals and Admirals are openly defying Obama. General Petraeus heads this insurgent group, the main issue being Iraq policy.

The top brass does not want to draw down US military forces anytime soon- they defy Obama's 16 month pullout date. The Pentagon feels that if they start to leave Iraq now, sectarian violence will spiral out of control; the Generals will look like losers.

A serious clash is imminent between the Oval office and the officers who run the military. Look for an extension of America's stay in Iraq to be announced in the news soon...( has it already happened?)....


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