Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Fire when ready

I live in an absurd town full of absurd stupid people. My neighborhood is full of beautiful antique homes with fantastic balconies that no one ever uses.

Whenever the temperature drops below 50 degrees, or as soon as the clock strikes 11PM, the weakling-cowardly populace around me scurries like terrified mice into the perceived safety and comfort of their overpriced and badly decorated homes, slithering into their snake holes for the season, to shove bad food, and worse ideas via the tube, into their frail bodies and tiny craniums, leaving the streets to me.

A jailbird -felon Realtor has muscled the city council and state legislature into restarting an idiotic scheme to build a grandiose yet fatally flawed stadium in an area that cannot possibly accommodate it...a special levy will be put on the citizens to pay for this mad scheme for fast -cash....This is a transparent attempt to soak the taxpayers, just to enrich two or three developers and politicians; yet there hasn't been one peep out of the media about this scam/ more- than -obvious con. If these building plans move forward, it could mean the death knell for my town- an entire business district is about to be ripped up (Shockoe Bottom) and bulldozed- for years... As the citizens obediently fork over the funds to destroy their city...

So Americans have lost about half of the value of their 401 K's...in the span of a year and a half...What did you expect? Bush and Cheney were oil barons- why would anybody trust an oil baron? Or a banker, like Greenspan? Of course the housing market was bubbled, with extra low interest rates and loose financing rules- which were PC-mandated by a coalition of NeoCons and social, corporate liberals...why was it so hard for right -wingers to figure out that the Republican party is owned by Globalists? Are they still learning the truth? Eight years isn't long enough?

George W. Bush- he got in due to his father, and look at who selected Bush Senior for VP- Ronald Raygun. Bush Sr. took a wrecking ball to our society throughout the 1980's, while Ronnie baby was high on jelly beans, consulting conical -capped Hollywood astrologers,trying to decide on which microscopic defenseless country to attack next...Raygun gave us Iran-Contra (a serious criminal offense); we got the S&L banking crisis, low wages, bloated government,and an uncured viral epidemic.

Reagan supposedly crashed the Soviet Union, but this isn't true-Glasnost, and problems with the oil markets, collapsed the Soviets- and a case could be made that we would all be much better off today if Gorbachev had somehow muddled through...(wouldn't the loose nukes issue have been prevented this way?)
I'm tired of "conservatives" saying that Raygun was great- he wasn't- his appeal is, or was, almost entirely emotional. He sat "tall in the saddle." He was (or is) contrasted with extremist freaks and weirdos from San Francisco; so therefore, comparatively, he was ok, or good- thats what it all boils down to.

No Reagan = no Bush W, and no Obama.

Bush Jr. is trying to claim that his legacy will be judged by how he kept us safe- there hasn't been a attack on the homeland since September 11, 2001. But his actions- needlessly going into Iraq-later triggered attacks upon our allies- the Madrid railway bombings, and the London underground explosions.
Also, I can almost smell the smoke from the next wave of attacks on our shore-coverage is coming from a fake news channel near you very soon. I can feel it in my gut. Two years hence..

The Iraq war partly drained our treasury- and the conflict is still not over.

The banker -generated financial crisis has triggered mass rioting across the globe- Thailand, Russia, France, Greece, England, Latvia, Lithuania...the people rose up and toppled the government of Iceland. When will you gutless wonders out there behave rationally and begin to oppose your oppressor? Throw down your tools and throw up a barricade...cancel all private debts now.

The Houston mafia and puppet is out, and the Chicago mafia and puppet is in.
Hallelujah, God save the green, and pass the ammunition.

The "stimulus" bill ( HR1) is loaded with hog lard, and very little of it will melt and drip down into the economy this year.

Geinther is our new Treasury Secretary. We should at least have a boss for the IRS who knows how to file his taxes...


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