Thursday, February 12, 2009


Into the sparkling room I strode....crystals, mandalas, bells, incense...and books...all around. Reincarnation, alien abduction, healing, Buddhism, was all there. I peeked round a corner, past some yoga and astological posters. A silver haired bearded man sat in a cozy room, talking to a middle aged woman. They looked at me somewhat quizically. "Is this the psychic discussion?" My murmur met with agreement.

The three of us talked. Someone I knew arrived....our little group came alive, soft sparks lit up our minds...

I agreed to have my Tarot cards read. Me and the silver haired man sat by a table-a computer was set up, and on the screen a deck of Tarot cards were displayed...they looked quite plain, they did not have eloborate symbolism, and this detail, plus the fact that they were shown on a monitor screen and not the traditional way, with real cards spread upon a clothed table...I mentally paused...and wondered...

"You really enjoy the secret things that you do" The reader said to me...What does he mean...?

Judgment. He shuffled the deck again, pressing a button. Judgment. The white haired old man looked at me... "Something has happened" ...drawing the Judgment card twice in a row was significant. "Something major in your life has already happened..."

The World....A fiery woman in my past....a fiery man in my past...parents? My other self? A childhood friend figures in the scheme. A new person will show up soon...

To move forward, I need to take a leap....fears/ concerns....criticism from the public harms my efforts. Hope....I must analyze historical figures to learn from them...the minor concerns I have all pile together into a dung heap that needs bulldozing.

"You have been poisoned."

"You have an exquisite mind"

I left, went home, and wondered.



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