Sunday, January 18, 2009

"Lights, camera..."

People are beginning to lose hope...they need faith...they needed a hero, so Hollywood provided one- a big budget production called "Miracle on the Hudson"...

Thousands watched as a passenger jet allegedly made a desperate emergency ditch into the Hudson river-these thousands had hundreds of photographic cell phones and digital cameras- yet there isnt one single video of the actual landing into the river.

This is obviously a made up tale, a movie production involving a large cast that included high political officials...the plane was a prop, towed into position... then the actors streamed out onto the wings, where just one or two still photos were taken (close up zooms reveal that most of the "passengers" on the wings are smiling and laughing, sipping hot soup out of thermos bottles, or drinking scotch or bourbon from small shot glasses. A man standing on the end tip of one of the wings is casually smoking a cigar, as he tugs on his hip waders)...

We should give thanks to all the extras- the ferrymen and Coast Guard, and media figures- for making this one of the best (non) disaster films of all time, rivalling "The Towering Inferno" or "The Poseidon Adventure."

Captain "Chesley" Sullenberger the Third (obviously not his real name, just his stage name) ..


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