Sunday, January 18, 2009

Once I saw the rocker "Sting" on TV explain how music videos rob people of their imagination- a moving picture story is already presented to them via the video, whereas before MTV, one heard a song on the radio and you were able to conjure up your own mental pictures to go along with the tune...MTV destroyed that.

tattooing is similar- when you look upon clear unbroken skin, you can visualize whatever you want upon its surface- but once a permanent image is stamped on skin, thats it, imagination ends, what you see is what you get ( you could conjure a story using the image, but it would still be related to what you were seeing at the moment, for the most part. You see my pic on this blog , don't you? So your imagination as to how I look has been obliterated, even if my pic is more than ten years old...) Plus, most tattoo's arent thematic, and they look "muddy" from more than ten feet away. A herd mentality causes most people to get a tattoo...What a generation of buffoons...

When humans want to reproduce and seek mates, they mainly look for two things : youth markers, and health markers. A tattoo cannot compete with clear unbroken skin as a health marker.


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