Saturday, September 22, 2007

ism schism

When arch conservative Margaret Thatcher first assumed office, she addressed parliament and waved a copy of one of Friedrich Hayek's books around- declaring-"This is what we believe."
Hayek claims to be a neo-liberal, which is what all the left-wing rebels in Latin America are fighting.

Gorbachev was desrcibed in the western press as being 'left' and fighting 'right-wing' communist hardliners.

In the Us, both extreme left and extreme right hate the world bank and the international monetary fund.

Liberalism in the 19th century is now appropiated by most current 'conservatives,' while many liberals today dislike rapid technological change...

True 'conservatives' were the first casualties of the Bush administration.

I think its about time the terms left-wing vs./and/or rightwing be retired- when orthodox Marxists are called right-wingers, it is time to come up with a different phraseology.


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