Thursday, September 27, 2007


A while back, I wrote about how a drought in Amazonia might trigger a run-away greenhouse effect. It seems the trees are more resilient than thought- in response to three years of drought, they have sunk their roots down deeper and have accelerated their photosynthesis, thus averting a crash in the forest.

It might be possible to cure our planets warming-illness using direct action- Co2 uptake by the oceans could be dramatically increased by inserting 500 foot long, 10 foot wide vertical tubes in the oceans at strategic points. These tubes would fill with water during wave troughs and then a valve would later release the water and uptake some more at the other end- the rising of this colder water to the surface and the reverse cycle might actually solve the problem, but could harm oceanic life in ways we don't know. Technological fixes could also lull us into believing that we can continue with our fossil fuel burning, which has to end soon no matter what.

Ive read some articles that construct decent arguments that claim global warming is a hoax; and the weatherman cannot tell you what the weather will be like ten days from now with certainty...But it is a fact that the ocean fish stocks worldwide are being depleted, topsoil erosion is occurring at a rate of 20% every 25 years, arable land is dwindling and we have to use fertilizer to produce our food- meaning most of us are eating petroleum to survive! Mangrove swamps and coral reefs are vanishing or bleaching out- these are the incubators of the waters. Less oxygen is in the air; our blood is polluted with industrial chemicals; and species everywhere are about to go extinct forever, due to our actions. We could terminate ourselves in less than 100 years because of our ignorant myopia and greed. When the Iroquios confederacy considered an action, they asked themselves "How will this decision affect the seventh generation from now?"We need the same mentality.

Permaculture, solar power, redefining corporations and the business ethic, trasparency in government and banking; all these things are needed and can help salvage the situation- if only people would assume their proper responsibilty in the world and become active.
"I have seen the enemy and we is it"- Pogo

I have heard people say "I'm not worried about my blood being one part per one millions contaminated with something- thats just a tiny speck or amount" This is a very ignorant attitude. These people also think we can set aside a section of the earth for preservation while we wreck the other parts- this is a very dangerous thought. Everything is connected.


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