Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Fed has printed more money in the last six months than during the previous 65 years or more... setting the stage for a hyper inflationary spiral...(Congress approved about $2 trillion in bailouts, yet the Fed went ahead and printed up and put into circulation about $9 trillion....a lot of this money was simply wired directly into Hedge fund accounts, and will never be seen again).

One egg cost one cent in 1906...one egg cost about one or two cents in 1940...now one egg costs about 23 cents...soon it could cost a dollar.

For a doctor to deliver a baby, the charge was $25 bucks in 1934. In 2009, it can easily cost more than $10,000.

A monthly wage for a schoolteacher: $60 in 1936, a lot less than before 1929 and the market crash.
1970: one paycheck of about $7 an hour could support a family of four in a modest house with two cars, annual vacations, full insurance, and putting the kids through college.... (minimum wage then was about $2.50 an hour- I'm not sure, I need to look it up). Can double+ the minimum wage do that now?


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