Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Years ago, Obama wanted a single-payer health system. He said that if the Dems captured the White House, the Senate, and the House, then we would get a single payer system.

He just gave a speech before various assembled physicians and media- and announced that instead of a comprehensive single -payer plan, he would devise a broad yet piecemeal solution, a 'solution' that will certainly fail.

Why the turnaround? The Insurance industry has a hammerlock on the legislature.

Obama fooled his supporters over and over again; McCain was merely O-lite, a foil for the chosen one, the fix was in. New World Order Bilderberg or other approved candidates will always win the nomination for both parties; the bankers will always win no matter what. ( Some A-hole like Newt Ginrich will likely become prez nextime)...If you were more normal, your righteous indignation would cause you to riot in the streets....but you can't rebel: you have to take your prozac and play video games and ignore high culture and scoff at the wisdom of the ages... and you have to watch porn and eat junk food and roll over and submit to the soul-less have to worship vain material status and greenish- denominated pieces of paper . Wake up you retards... I hate you all.

Sweeping new regulations for the market have been unveiled- these are nothing more than transparent foxes watching dilapidated hen houses. The bankers own Obama, and they are enriching themselves and looting the nation and the people. The Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department are terrorist crime syndicates that have stolen the future away from your children.

A solution is to create a sound currency, one issued by the government, and not the private banks; a currency backed up by a metal (preferably silver or a silver alloy. If denominated in gold, the price of gold would become too high- about $40,000 (?) an ounce- nobody wants that).

A sound currency would prevent a too -high public debt from occurring, since we could then issue silver backed funds to pay debts off direct, without having to beg the Federal Reserve to print up money out of thin air, and then be charged interest for the use of it).

Our public or national debt is over $14 trillion...

If 3-4 million angry citizens converge on DC, they will be a force "too big to fail."


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