Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Level 6

The recent pig flu scare: H1N1 is the first flu to erupt out of Latin America. H1N1 contains five (?) flu strains- two pig, two human, and one avain flu. This is strong evidence for genetic splicing- this flu is man-made (so says Australian virologist Adrian Gibbs)... the outbreak seems to be a 'trial run' for the big flu epidemic soon to come. You may not have noticed since its not front page news anymore, but H1N1 has steadily progressed ever since it broke out of Margaritaville in April...it is not subsiding at all.

So far the pig flu is just hype, its not overly deadly. But it could join with other flu bugs and mutate into a real demon. The vaccines the government will force everyone to take are loaded with poisons, called "adjuncts." One such adjunct is thimerasol, a vaccine preservative first used in the 1930's, which contains mercury. Autism was unknown before the 1930's...in 1988, one child in 2,200 in the US had autism. The number of vaccines required for children then rose from about ten to about twenty; afterwards, the autism rate spiked to where we now have 1 child in 150 suffering from the disorder. The defenders of vaccines argue their case using junk science, of the same type that the tobacco industry uses... The Federal government has admitted in at least nine separate lawsuits that thimerosal caused a child to deveolop autism.

There are other vaccine adjuncts- aluminum is one. There are other reactions to these vaccines- ADD, diabetes, MS,


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