Saturday, June 13, 2009

To solve the homeless crisis, I propose that we give $1,000 dollar vouchers to every homeless person, so they can buy a cemetery plot. Then, at night, these homeless people can wander into the cemetery, and lay down on top of their private plot and sleep or rest for the evening.

In the movie "Soylent Green" (circa 1972), the wealthy bought homes that came with "furniture." We could use "furniture" like that now for our home purchases.

Edward G. Robinson acted in about 100 films- "Soylent Green"was his last performance. He played Sol, an intellectual who remembered the good old days when Earth had forests and you could eat fresh vegetables and strawberry jam. Sol eventually decides to be euthanized- Robinson knew that he was dying from cancer at the time, so his death scene, in retrospect, is surreal- Sol dies, and in real life Robinson died about ten days later. Charlton Heston knew Robinson was dying in reality, so Heston's emotions during the death scene of Sol are authentic.


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