Sunday, March 28, 2010

I was in the library one evening and had to leave my desk for a few minutes. When I returned, immediately to my left, a few feet away, I saw a playing card. It made an audible sound as I flipped it over- it was a Tarot card, the Fool. I turned to scan the room...It wasnt there before I got my coffee- who put it there? No one was around...

I looked at the card- it was from the Marseilles deck, a Tarot card set designed about 250 years ago....only, this card had modifications. The familiar countryside was still depicted- sun, sky...his staff, though, more resembled the staff of the wise man card. His face wasn't so light hearted either, he almost looked stern and sad at once. Hmm. I put it away and resumed my studies.

I was walking down my stairs in the dark...a strange man was outside on the stoop, intently gazing up toward my upper window. he must have seen me, for he took off like a lightning bolt, as I then hurried to get onto my porch. I opened the door, got on the porch.. looked around, and could not see where he had gone. He must have ran away, around the corner (covering 80 feet while I went 15 feet, all in about four seconds)...Hmm.

I turned back toward my darkened stairway....there was a glow coming out from between the cracks of the steps.

The Fool card in Tarot has myriad possible meanings....its number is usually zero, which can mean void, the abyss, the nothingness from which everything comes. The iconography has changed over the centuries, but the core remains: he is poised upon a precipice, yet seems unconcerned. Does he represent childlike innocence berift of reason? or just a free spirit, one who has seen the folly of familial and career obligations and has hit the open road in rebellion, looking for adventure?

The glow or light under the stairwell should not be there- it could not be, but there it was. The lower level room was unoccupied. I was in there a few weeks ago, and even inside the bottom of the stairwell area, which is a large closet for the lower rooms.
I'm apprehensive.... I move slowly toward the door of the lower chamber rooms. I see light rays as they shoot out the stair cracks; they are bright and narrow, casting small beams here and there, off to the side. Like truth trying to escape the lies of time.


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