Sunday, March 07, 2010

I wrote earlier about how our magnetic shields are down- these keep excess solar particles from smashing into the earth and its atmosphere.....Our grid is at risk during the next solar peak, due in 2012.
In 1921 we had a major episode which, if it had happened during our current satellite age, widespread power outages would have resulted in a temporary collapse of civilization.

Two main questions:

1. will the magnetic shields reform in time to protect us?

2. will the solar storms in 2012 be larger than average?

Some of the 2012 hype refers to a possible once -every -3,600- year return to our inner solar system of 'Nibiru,' or 'Wormword,' the alleged death star/object that brings widespread terrestial chaos in its wake...Some people speculate that 2012 will be when the galaxy will enter a once -every 26,000 year grand alingment of celestial bodies, which will 'pull' the earth into a different axial spin, or something like that. There are others who say 2012 cosmic forces will activate our spare DNA, turning us into a new species; or we will ascend into another dimension....and all of these things supposedly were foretold by the Mayan calender?

I cannot entertain any of these notions, because they are too speculative and unprovable, for now. But the 11 year solar cycles are real. The loss of our magnetic shields is real. Our over -reliance upon satellites is real. The chance that we could experience a solar storm in 2012 big enough to knock out the grid... is real.


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Hi Zero!
The official line about a max in 2012 is wrong. Oddly.
The 2012 is a scam too like Y2K. Anything to distract from the hand in your pocket.

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