Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The health care plan passed...most of it won't kick in until 2014, but some of the taxes begin now.
The bill never made any sense to me- it was written by insurance company reps out of Waxman's office...the Individual Mandate demands that everyone has to buy a plan from a private business, which is clearly unconstitutional. If the courts upholds the IM, it will only be because the judges are corrupt.

This bill ponies up 30-35 million new customers for the insurance firms, vastly enriching a few CEO's....(note, their stocks went up the day after the bills passage) while vastly increasing the authority of the IRS and other gov't agencies...(The IRS purchased a large shipment of firearms did the Department of Education- they bought about 30 pump shotguns. Just what is the DoE gonna do with 30 pump shotguns? Ive read the invoices for these purchases).

A few black Congressmen have complained that the N word was used against them by some Tea tape exists for this alleged event.
Lets get our priorities straight: these same black Congressmen strongly support the killing of about 52% of all black babies conceived in the US...the majority of black babies created in America are killed, this is a legal genocide, but if someone allegedly yells "nigger," then all hell breaks out in the corporate media. Where is the outrage over the fact that most black people are aborted, just as (white and a black) liberals want?

When the country is at least $15 trillion in the hole, and rad-libs admit the health care plan is a "start," the real goal being to get most people onto the public health- dole, eventually....then how can this NOT result in severe healthcare rationing? Where are the doctors to pick up these new customers? They dont exist- many are going to quit soon- we have about 800,000 docs in this country, and 300,000 are about to stop practicing- just as the govt mandates these remaining docs start treating an extra 35 million patients....The coming amnesty for the 30 million (its not 12 million, as usually stated) America hating parasitic illegal aliens here...will certainly collapse whats left of the country.

Imagine 60-70 million new customers for the insurance companies and our swamped doctors???

The administration seems intent on totally transforming the nation, to fold it into the emerging New World Order. The NWO is being openly announced by Blair, Brown, Sarkozy, et al...What they have to do is... neutralize the rising nativist sentiment. Violence could erupt at any moment- the mainstream media is talking about this, albeit from a false perspective.

If you object to the nationalizations, Federal over-reach, the debts, the loss of our rights and decent jobs....then the central government and midstream media labels you an "extremist" a "militia member" a "domestic terrorist" or a "racist." Objecting to the treason all around you makes you a potential terrorist and a threat.

The only way Obama can prevent huge losses for his team in the November elections- he has to stage a false flag incident. Something like what Clintonites did in Oklahoma, or what Cheney's apparatus did on 9-11. I think the attack is imminent, before the summer starts. Maybe before May 1st.
The attack will be blamed on right wing militia types, with a possible cross link to foreign Muslims.
This is all meant to demonize the opposition, to bring in emergency police powers and martial law, make people shut up and obey, and implement their globalist agenda.

I paint a dire picture, but don't think a Republican resurgence will fix things. The leadership of the Republican party is 100% corrupt and part of the NWO agenda. Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, Romney, Palin, Perry, McCain....are horid ghouls loyal only to mammon and the UN, IMF World Bank cartel.

About two weeks ago, McCain attempted to introduce legislation that would have severely curtailed the publics access to medicinal herbs....within three days, his office got over 300,00 angry phone calls, faxes, letters, emails etc....McCain quietly scrapped his plan.

A week later, he and Lieberman introduced a bill (just 12 pages long-wow!) that basically is a blue print for a military dictatorship here; the bill is the "Belligerent Act." This proposed law would allow American citizens to be abducted by police forces and held without trail...just on the suspicion that you might be a 'domestic terrorist' all this is already going on, and is part of other laws, so this bill is just a restatement.

You may scoff at the notion of a mysterious NWO cabal and their global government, with surveillance cameras on every block, citizen spies, no rights and bread crumbs for the masses, but this structure has already arrived. The Fusion centers are here, Infraguard exists, babies DNA is taken at birth without parental consent, etc....Its just a matter of raising the wall, making our prison a bit more secure.


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