Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The financial reform bill cant fix the economic mess- the culprits- credit default swaps, derivatives, the securitization issue- and the creeps behind these things-these issues remain unresolved. The bill wont bring back Glass Steagall...

Isreal was rebuked by the UN over the Nuke proliferation issue, while the White House has been 100% undermined by Turkey and Brazil, vis-a-vis the attempt to make Iran scale back its nuclear ambitions...On the world stage, Brasilia and Ankara are calling the shots, and not the US prez... This is a much bigger embarrassment to the administration than the leak in the Gulf....even if no one in the US knows about these events...thanks to our controlled media.

The big stories of 2010- the meltdown in Iceland, the rebellion in Thailand, the insurrection against the bankers in Greece....these stories are unknown here in the US.


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