Sunday, January 13, 2008


Barack Obama speaks well, but rarely ever says anything.

The evidence indicates that he was once a Muslim. If true, then in the eyes of (most of) the Islamic world, he is now an apostate Muslim, and now he must be executed. This belief has far-reaching foreign policy implications. (To convert to Islam, all that is necessary for you to do is to repeat "There is no God but God, and Mohammad is his prophet" with sincerity, in front of a witness).

Hillary 'the iron bitch' Clinton has been selected to be our next prez, selected by our corporate overlords in their secretive Bilderberger meeting last year in Canada. They only pick winners. (The big money is backing Hillary-even Rupert 'the most dangerous man in America' Murdock, owner of Fox news and other media empires). The Clinton's and Bush's are the establishment.

Ralph Nader is showing signs that he will not run this year- he has even mentioned that he might vote for Ron Paul in the fall (Nader endorsed Edwards on the eve of the Iowa caucus, Edwards being the least beholden to corporate America of the top three front-runners on the Democratic side). Nader (whom I voted for in 2000 and 2004) says Ron Paul might be the 'enema' that America needs, to wrench the country back toward republican and constitutional rule. Nader acknowledges that Ron Paul is very different than himself on several issues (specifically on the issue of benevolent federalism- the E.P.A. and the Endangered Species Act are examples. The erstwhile Libertarian wants to end most federalism, and I think he is quite mistaken in his belief). Nonetheless, since Ron Paul was against the war, the Patriot Act, the Homeland security act, the Commissions law, etc.....I am tempted to drop Nader, and join the Ron Paul 'revolution.'


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