Friday, January 04, 2008


In December 2007, the Lakota (Sioux) Indian nation in the US seceded ('withdrew' is their term) from the union. 77 tribal chiefs renounced their US citizenship, along with thousands of their followers. They claim territory amounting to about half of South Dakota, parts of North Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana-the "Republic of Lakota." Native delegations are meeting with reps from Boliva, Finland, East Timor, and several other countries, in an attempt to gain recognition for the new country, and signs are positive. A recent UN treaty is being used as grounds for the move, and leaders of the secession movement are linked to the revolt on Pine Ridge in the 1970's. While the US State Department has received official documents from the Chiefs concerning their intent to withdraw, the US government has so far refrained from issuing any formal statement that could be viewed as endorsing the legitimacy of the fledgling nation.

Anyone is welcome to become a citizen of the Republic of Lakota, as long as you renounce your US citizenship. Lakota people will pay no income tax.


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