Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Ivy League Treason

The Taliban are back- more than half of Afghanistan is theirs. Mushariff has signed a treaty with Waziristan province in Pakistan: Al Qaeda can now safely hide and rest there. We have lost control of Anbar province- its one third of Iraq, and we are digging a trench around Baghdad, even as total evacaution plans are being put into place. Our intelligence community- all 16 agencies- agree: Mr. Bush is the number one recruiter for Jihadists and terrorists, due mainly to his bungled 'War.'

So Bush has created enemies where before none existed... he feels besieged and afraid. His authorization of torture, some of it sexual, upon innocent, uncharged Iraqis and Afghani's- men, women, and children...has been deemed illegal by his usually compliant friends upon the Supreme Court, and they were seconded by two Federal Judges ( who also condemned his domestic surveillance program). The Bush-Cheney team needed a solution- A congressional law making torture and widespread domestic eavesdropping retroactively legal, plus they needed immunity from any and all war crimes that they may have ever commited- they got the law passed, pardoning themselves, but it was not enough. The Commissions law that passed the Senate on thursday effectively ends the American idea of due process-it is quite similar to Hitler's Enabling act of 1933-some of the phraseology is identical- the new law allows the President to arrest any American that is labeled an "unlawful enemy combatant." The main problem with this legislation is that the criteria necessary for one to be labeled this way is absurd- the accused can merely be "insufficiently loyal" to Bush and his henchmen ( by the standards of the new law, it seems Bush himself could technically qualify as someone subject to arrest). After you are thus labeled, you can dissappear forever- no charges, no trial, and possibly plenty of torture. (Right now, many Katrina survivors are being held against their will in FEMA shelters. Hallibuton recieved 375 million from Congress this year to build new domestic detention centers. The new law also states that it is even beyond the reach of the Courts- it cannot be challenged).

The Washington Times ran a front page story about even more serious allegations (June 29,1989)- involving teenage male/female prostitutes making midnight trips into the Oval office)...An Omaha Nebraska grand jury once investigated whether or not key lobbyists and the most highly placed politicians in the country were involved in organized human trafficking of women and children for purposes of sexual slavery-(1990).The case was eventually dismissed, but afterwards evidence surfaced that probably would have swayed the grand jury- in a subsequent civil judgement,the subject of the inquiry(Lawrence King) was forced to pay one of those that he allegedly abused-(Bonacci)- 1 million dollars in compensation (Feb.1999)... (the Johnny Gosch story may involve the upper echelons of power via fundraiser/banker-activist Lawrence 'Larry' King...Johnny's mother Noreen continues her crusade for justice-... former director of the CIA William Colby wrote the preface to Bonacci's attorney's- Mr. DeCamp- expose book-). Halliburton and Dyncorp have already been exposed as being involved in human trafficking in the Balkans during the 1990's, yet our government rewarded them later with generous contracts, basically the current war itself. Then we set up rape camps-Abu Graib; which was a far worse scandal than what the American people were allowed to see or believe ( the torture was often sexual in nature, directed against all ages and both sexes,upon the known -to -be- innocent, and was authorized by the White House, where allegedly 'tapes' of said torture were delivered, for private viewing). These sordid events and others caused the late Pope John Paul 2nd. to wonder aloud if maybe Bush was the long awaited and dreaded Anti-Christ, because Bush seemed to practice a crude 'Christian'/Satanist blood cult...
The extreme sadism of our leaders is evident- a contrived war that has killed over 50,000 children, and has weakened our nation. We have a 'family values' President and Vice-President without any shame, pity, or shred of human decency.

"There is no week nor day nor hour when tyranny may not enter upon this country-if the people lose their confidence in themselves-and lose their roughness and spirit of defiance."
- Walt Whitman

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