Sunday, October 17, 2010

Outline for a new foundation faith for the new millenium

1. Roman concepts
2. Samurai Bushido
3. Mamluk Furusiyya
4. William Blake
5. Prussian values
6. Christian forgiveness and love

We live in perilous times...people are losing hope. Youth do not possess any moral anchor. In the fictional universe of 'Star Trek,' the Vulcans almost destroyed themsleves due to their savage nature. A messiah arose -Surak-who taught the Vulcans how to reign in their passions, via logic. Something like this is what we need now...

The state ought not regulate our private lives- as a replacement for guidance, we need an unwritten code of conduct. Ancient Rome had such a system- the Mos Maiorum. This was the oral tradition of how one ought to behave or be- this tradition was respected due to the reverence the anscestors received from latter day citizens. This code made the Roman Republic possible- when too many indivuals fell away from the tenets of the Mos Maiorum, Rome decayed and fell. From this code, the American republic was born, since the founding fathers were greatly inspired by Roman virtue and republicanism.
A related concept is Romanitus- the Roman way. What Cicero championed was the citizen/soldier/farmer...

The individual is lost. Here are a nucleus of virtues to strive for, to regain ones self:

Virtue is derived from Virtus, a Latin word roughly meaning 'moral excellence'....Vir means 'man.' In a general sense, we ought to seek Arete, being ones best in all things. This is Pagan virtue-this is not virtue as commonly thought, this is not a virtue to please a deity. Our new virtue is meant to save the nation and enhance the individual.

Virtus means being steadfast, courageous, having character and worth, valor, manliness.

How do we get there? First, wemust recognize the need for reform, the error of our ways- ethics are needed, to maximize the social health of the individual and society. Its practical to be good...Our concept of right and wrong guides us to oblivion or salvation. We must see a way out of the mess, a goal to stive for. Then we must never quit.

If we embrace a non-theistic system, why should we be good? Why can't we embrace a self seeking nihilism?
Because to do so is obvious infantile selfishness and the easy way out....there is no honor in shirking ones duty to the community, ones family, or yourself.

Prudence is prime, since it is with prudence we discern- prudence is foresight and discriminating wisdom. Prudence is utilized to oversee the other virtues-its function is contemplative and judgemental. Prudence... guided by imagination and tempered by will.

How to increase ones will-power? With practice and gradualism- try and try again- never say die. Practice delaying- if you want the slice of pizza, put off eating it for 30 minutes. Later, try not eating the slice for an hour, and so on. One must monitor ones thoughts and learn how to intercept the budding desires that plague humans, for they are legion. Their source is infinite.

After Prudence comes Severity, Temperance Justice, and Gravitas-


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