Saturday, September 18, 2010

I'm overwhelmed by life's possibilities....there is simply too much to do, too much to learn, not enough 'time'.....

....This author has been threatened. Unseen others have warned me to stop. This means I'm on the right path....

Most of you have heard of 'missing time'.....I seem to be a victim of 'extra time.'
I will talk on the phone with someone, we will make a plan for the next day, on say, Thursday... I go to bed Wednesday night, I wake up, its Thursday (verified), I meet my friend, we hang out, then I go home and unwind, go to bed, its Thursday night, I fall alseep, then I wake up, and it Thursday morning,again (verified). This is not some mistake in personal calculation, time is re-winding for me. I have 'extra time' on my hands, no joke intended.

I will try to explain what I think is going on- sinister forces are at work, but that has always been the case.Don't you understand? Who are you and who am I? Its a trick.


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