Sunday, October 17, 2010


I remember when 'pasta' was noodles or spaghetti....I remember when we use to go to libraries to check out books instead of checking our emails....I remember the Indian head bulls-eye TV test pattern...I remember the world before cellphones and home computers, the world when we saw our friends in person...I remember when a man would rather jump off a cliff before he would take government charity...I remember when average jobs were rewarding and could feed a family...I remember the country before bar-codes...I remember when the nightly TV news anchors looked like serious thoughtful men, and not the platinum blond wannabe pin up dolls we have on the news shows now....I remember when it was normal to want the nation to be strong and respected around the world...I remember when we could watch TV without also having to watch idiotic advertisement 'bugs' lingering on the bottom portion of the screen the whole time....I remember when you could say the word 'Oriental' with out offending anyone....I remember when citizens were patriotic....I remember guitar oriented rock 'n roll....I remember when kids use to play outdoors in nature...I remember when people didn't have to eat pharmaceutical pills just to make it through the day....I remember when milk actually tasted very good, before Bovine hormones destroyed its flavor....I remember when love notes were carved on trees, before 'texting'....I remember the VCR, which served us so well for 20 years....I remember when men knew a lot about cars....I remember when women wore dresses and didn't wear mens trousers all the time ....I remember when women knew how to cook....I remember when 'African-Americans' were black.....I remember when a movie theater ticket cost a dollar....I remember when soda was a once- a -day (12 oz. ) drink, and not a major health crisis for millions.....I remember when bosses had loyalty to this country, before they packed up and moved their factories to foreign lands...I remember when you could fly on a plane and get "free" meals and unlimited "free" drinks......I remember when we use to make quality products, before we became a service sector debt based economy... I remember when we were not a nation distracted by porn......I remember when we were a beacon of hope to the world, before we became a dumping ground for the worlds refuse.....I remember when wine bottles had real corks...I remember when we use to be an opportunity society, before we became a nation of victims....I remember when Hollywood didn't remake a film over and over.....I remember when TV was private and not plastered or broadcast all over the public sphere....I remember when there wasn't surveillance cameras on every street corner....I remember when there was hope....I remember a place called America.


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