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Twilights last gleam

Hitlers armies were multicultural, being comprised of Germans, Hungarians, Russians, Irish, half-Jews, Jews, French, Spaniards, Armenians, Balkan Muslims, east Indians, Arabs, Koreans, mulattoes and some blacks, etc. Even the American Indian tribe of the Sioux were adopted as 'Aryans'
What are we to make of this?

Hitler's views on race are misunderstood- the racialism of the Third Reich wasn't based solely upon biology- 'race' referred to a spiritual condition, despite official pronouncements and legislation to the contrary- remember, the Axis powers were made up of Italians and Japanese too- neither group are very Nordic, are they?

Who was Germany's worst general? Adolph Hitler.

Hitler made so many mistakes, they are too numerous to list here....despite this, he managed to keep the war going for about six years- this, from a small country that was outnumbered and out-resourced on all sides....he maintained the loyalty of most of the German people right up to the end. Some German troops continued to fight on after his suicide; some units fought on even after the official surrender eight days later... there are unconfirmed reports of Nazi survival long after the war, and a spectacular German U-boat victory just weeks after the war officially ended...

What were some of his key strategic errors?

He started the war unprepared for a major fight- he needed about 300 submarines, when he only had about 25, etc.

Letting 350,000 Brits and French escape at Dunkirk was a major blunder.....failure to maintain pinpoint bombing of English airbases cost him the Battle of Britain ( Instead, the Luftwaffe started to strike London and other civilian centers, after a RAF bomber accidentally struck civilians in Berlin).... Hitler also stopped all research on new weapons technology in 1940, assuming the war would be won soon....he didnt re-start these projects until 1942, so he lost two years of research.

.....Operation Barbarossa, the invasion of Russia.... This was started about six weeks too late in the year, which guaranteed a harsh winter welcome for the invading German soldiers...The objective of Moscow was sacrificed and replaced with the push toward the south and Stalingrad, which ended in total disaster. One reason for the setback? German troops didn't have enough winter coats...

Hitler would not allow any General to fall back or retreat in any way- this inflexible attitude- by itself- may have cost him the war.....(Albert Speer, Hitlers architect and munitions minister, thought that this impractical resistance to any strategic retreat was caused by Hitlers addiction to amphetamines. Hitler's quack doctor had him doped up every day on dozens of pills and injections by this time (mid 1942))....If Hitler had not interfered so much and had allowed his key generals- Keital, Von Manheim, Rommel, and Von Bock- to operate with a free hand- then the outcome would have been different. (Rommel said he lost the second battle of El Alamein due to his tanks running out of petrol....he would have had the needed gas, if he had had his way and was allowed to secure Malta first)..

As a child, Hitlers doctor was Dr. Eduard Bloch- a Jew. Bloch treated Hitlers mother for cancer; since the Hitlers were poor, he gave the family discounted rates, for which Adolph Hitler was eternally grateful. Years later, Hitler offered his special protection to Dr. Bloch, and designated him a 'Eldeljude' or a 'Noble Jew.' (They had not had any contact with each other for 20 years, when Bloch initiated a reunion after Hitler had become Chancellor. Even then, they didn't meet until several years afterwards).
The doctor began the process to immigrate out of Austria, to escape the war- Hitler helped facilitate this move ( New York City.....even though later, the American intelligence community made Dr. Bloch spill his guts about what he knew about Hitler). Bloch survived his famous patient by only about one month, dying peacefully in his sleep after a bout with cancer).

Do not forget- the events of 1945 run straight toward 2010. One has caused the other...

About 15% of Europeans now think that Germany should have won the war- judging by how people vote in France, Austria, Italy, Hungary, Holland, and Romania. The far -right nationalist parties are becoming mainstream.

I feel obligated to refer the reader to two of my prior posts- "Out of the Ashes" 10/13/09, and "Farewell, Interpolating 'Incendio' 3/20/08. These will help clarify my intellectual position. The reader may notice that I seem to be engaged in major historical revisionism, but this I deny- my investigations have led to fresh conclusions concerning National Socialism and the second world war, conclusions based on facts. While I neither fully endorse the aims or methods of Hitler and the Third Reich, neither do I reject their goals or actions outright.
We have had the wool pulled over our eyes and it has become my job to remove this rag of lies from our collective vision. I have examined the evidence and have found that things are not what they seem....

Since my loyalty to the constitution of the USA is firm, I cannot accurately be accused of being a Nazi.

The reason for the 20th century rise of the far right- several strands of thought came together-romantic nationalism, volkisch ideas, racial mysticism, Prussian militarism...these combined with a revulsion for Marxist-Bolshevism, and the humiliating defeat and punitive 'peace' of 1918-1919. ('Volkisch' denotes a complex concept relating to the 'folk' and community, nation, tribe, or race).

The Russian revolution ushered in a challenge to God, family, and country within Germany-tradition seemed to be about to go by the wayside. The Soviet police state and gulag formed and in some ways the revolution and its aftermath was viewed in many German minds as being a biological infestation, led my Jews, which in many ways is accurate. The German soldier in the field saw himself as heroically defending Western civilization against the sheer barbarism of collectivism- once the war began to turn against Germany in late 1942, it was only then that the strictness of the punishment centers ratcheted up, since many of the Russian partisans were Jewish...( there were other causes, such as the knowledge that the allies-Jew led- intended to utterly destroy the German people once the allies won the war ).

Fascism is a resistance... a reaction to Marxism, modernity, and bourgeois values....only the thinker and the scholar can correctly interpret the phenomenon and time- one has to be able to grasp the "meta political dimension" of history.
The struggle is bigger than Jewish finance capital and Israel. If every Jew on the planet were to vanish overnight, bad things would still be happening. But at the same time, one cannot overlook the power of Zionism and Judaic finance and their collaborationist allies, the neo-cons and Masons. This power is corrosive and rots the West, and burns out the national soul...

"In the German people as free self-confidence, the unity of God and Man appears in the folk-community knowing itself. This is the existing negation of the Jewish Principle and of the haggler/bargainer as its worldly shape."

- Horst Mahler

Mahler once was a left wing radical, being a founding member of the Baider Meinhof gang, or Red Army Faction. He went to prison in West Germany for bank robbery, among other crimes. By the time he got released in the mid 1980's, he had converted over to the far right. A lawyer, he also got his license back at this time...Now an old man, he is back in prison, for the crime of offering an interviewing journalist a 'Heil Hitler' salute. (Germany takes a harsh line on such things).

" Man cannot judge God. We can exist only as a Volk. Without a Volk, Man cannot exist as Man.

"As Herder taught us, nations exist as thoughts of God. They have identity and significance only insofar as they can be distinguished from one another."

(I am uncomfortable with the 'anti- biologic Jew argument'- if the term Zionist were substituted for Jew, that would be more accurate).

What I'm trying to do is correct the error of our thinking about the events leading up to and during World War Two- history has been falsified-I'm here to de-falsify it...
...Most people think that a madman hypnotized an educated nation into engaging in aggressive war and genocide; that the 'holocaust' was either a rude break from the norm or- the minority view- that the Germans were destined to do a great and wicked deed all along, due to their nature and historical circumstance. Neither view is correct-

-1. Whatever 'crimes' that may have happened to the Jews during the war were indeed normative, considering what was occurring at the time.

2. There never was any systemic murder of millions Jews or noncombatants during WW2. Six million Jews did not die in imaginary ovens or equally unreal gas chambers, etc. However- I do acknowledge that about 900,000 Jews did die from violence after their arrest or capture. Another 2-3 million died from malnutrition and typhus or from other similar causes.

3. Jewish organizations and individuals were the aggressor and started the war. Hitler merely wanted a restoration of the German Reich and living space to the east. Hitler never wanted to rule the world, but rather he wanted the expulsion of the Jews from most of Europe, since they refused to assimulate.

4. Most of the Jews who were killed during the war deserved to die, as they were opposing, with arms, the Reich.

We have come to this. I didn't believe it at first, either.

'Globalism' can best be defeated with nationalism. There is no other way.

....their goal is the destruction of everything beautiful and true. They enslaved and murdered 150 million Africans during the slave trade. They killed untold millions of Germans by extracting exorbiant rents from them, rents that were needed for medicines and food.

'Democracy' is plutocratic rule, rule by international finance, a farce. Mammonism will soon be defeated, the iron yoke of usury will go down in day soon the nations will be free of interest slavery and will issue their own national systems of credit....

Contra-America: Americans never developed a culture bearing aristocracy-they are more concerned with material prosperity than they are with the inner development of the soul...Americans are a deracinated people, they are bound together by a creed and not by ethnicity. Their rootlessness deprives them of a soul or faith. In the end, they became the willing hired guns for the International Jew. America is a protectorate of Israel- not the other way around.
The racism of the Jew is malicious, whereas the racism of the German is magnanimous and defensive- they want money, while we desire excellence.

Yes, there was a holocaust, a holocaust of the German people and nation, a holocaust perpetrated by Judaic financiers against the spirit of resistance to tyrants and lies....the allies killed 600,000 German civilians, the Soviets killed or raped several million German women and girls, the allies murdered 2 million Germans after the war ended...and carved up the nation and occupied it for decades....this was the holocaust. A club is being swung toward the world and Germany- this club is the accusation of unspeakable atrocity.... used to extort billions of dollars out of Germany and into the hands of Israel....the Holocaust story is just too convenient and serves so well the purposes of international finance... that is must have been made up just for the purpose of world domination.

The Third Reich still exits, the Flensburg government of Admirall Donitz never died, it merely became inoperable...for 65 years the blood stained boot of Zionism has been stomping upon Europe, Germany has been occupied by Z's minions ( the Americans)..... who were tricked into invading Iraq, and now will soon be tricked again into launching a civilization -ending final war with Iran.

(The above is the view of Horst Mahler...and not necessarily my own).

Note: We have seen the pictures of skeletal concentration camp survivors. This proves that the Germans did NOT murder the Jews. As the camps were liberated, allied troops were shocked by the condidtions inside the camps....If the Nazis intended to kill the Jews, they would have simply shut off their food and water- instead, we see evidence of a very slow death- A cut-off of water would have killed every inmate within two weeks. Instead, we have tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands, of survivors...If you had the chance to lift the shirt of the neighboring German citizen or soldier, you would have seen ribs sticking out- food was scarce for everyone, only more so for the captives of the Reich. As nutrition for the inmates declined, typhus epidemics killed over a million Jews inside the camps. Hitler offered peace terms to England on numerous occassions in 1939, 1940, and even 1941......Churchills war cabinet intransigence murdered most of the Jews in Europe.


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