Saturday, June 19, 2010

They're there when they need you

France. One of the most defeated nations in history....lets take a look:

Gallic/Celtic France falls to Caesars Roman legions....Gallic leader Vercingetorix executed by strangulation after suffering a huge defeat even though his forces vastly outnumbered Caesars (Battle of Alesia, 52BC)

The Crusades...generally, France suffered humiliating reversals until the last attempt ended in total failure (Louis 9th, 1248, captured in Egypt and forced to pay for his own ransom....1270, he lead the last official Crusade and died of plague in Tunisia)

100 Years war....(lasted 114 years) France lost most of the struggle against England until a schizophrenic teen age girl assumed command and showed Frenchmen how its done....

War of the Spanish sucession (1700-1714).... effort to unite France and Spain into one power fails. War was global in scope, with fighting occurring in Africa, the Americas and the east Indies....400,000 were killed.

French and Indian war.... France no longer a major player in North America after losing Canada to Britain.

Napoleonic era (Waterloo)....after early success, Napoleon ( a Corsican of Italian descent ) loses his final battle and is exiled to a small island off the coast of Brazil.

Franco-Mexican war (1862-1867)...France attempts to conquer Mexico. French troops withdraw after US threatens to enter the war on the side of Mexico. Puppet French Emperor Maximillain executed by Mexican firing squad.

Franco-Prussian war (1870-1)...Germany kicked Frances butt

World War One....France was losing until America entered the war

World War Two.....Hilter rolled over France in two weeks....France largely sat out the war until the Americans liberated them

Vietnam.....France evicted after decisive defeat at Dien Bien Phu in 1954

Algeria...Arabs evict French colonists

Cold War....France split the difference to appease the Ruskies(?)...France widely considered an unreliable ally of NATO

The Events, 1968: student protests force Charles de Gaulle to flee abroad 1986, France arguably lost a war with the environmental organization Greenpeace. France was caught red-handed bombing a Greenpeace anti-whaling boat in a New Zealand harbor....political fallout was severe.

2003 Iraq war: France wont help US and Britain, for fear of alienating Frances growing muslim population

Current Arab/muslim invasion: immigrant youths terrorize French society (ongoing)

Are these defeats the result of a soft culture? A society where love of food and leisure have obliterated spartan sacrifice? or am I just having fun at Frances expense ?

(There are more examples....I will fill out the list later, add details and fix spelling errors etc.)


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