Friday, February 29, 2008


Electric cars once outnumbers gas powered ones- until about 1915 or so.

Current battery technology would allow our cars to be efficient electrical means of conveyance-watch the movie 'Who killed the electric car?'

This film exposes how the Bushites, big oil, the car companies, lobbyists and various governmental bodies and officials all conspired to eliminate any real competition to their oil money racket. Electric cars were suppose to gradually replace the gas ones in California ('The Mandate'). The EV electric car (made by GM) was aesthetically pleasant to drive, affordable, and, emitted almost no pollution and used no fuel. The car had to be recharged for one hour every 300 miles, but this could be done overnight, at home, while one slept, and the average person only drove about 29 miles per day. (The extra electricity needed for the projected millions of electric cars would have been produced using new solar and wind technology).

The oil cartel killed the car, claiming people didn't want it-but the ads that were designed to make people want the car deliberately maligned the car with scary graphics and ominous commentary-no wonder no-one bought, or even heard of, this car. You sell cars with images of the good life and sexy women.

Eventually, every EV car was literally destroyed ( the owners protested-several were arrested). The Mandate repealed, the Oil Barons won, and we are as addicted to oil as ever before, due to our greed, ignorance , and apathy.

The film also shows how the oil companies are aligning themselves with hydrogen power, for the eventual conversion when the oil runs out, in about 10-40 years. The film exposes the hydrogen car as a much inferior type compared to the electric one. Gas-electric hybrids are gaining some traction, but they are not as good as the electric cars either.
The one area where the EV does not perform as well as the others-( sulfur emissions)- can be dealt with using 2008 technology.



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