Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Proof ?

Lawyer Victor Zammit has spend years accumulating objective evidences of literal and personal survival of the individual after their 'death.'

Zammit has documented thousands of case studies ....

Evidence suggestive of survival: 1. Electronic voice phenomenoun , or EVP. Researchers leave a tape recorder on, and when played back, one can hear the voice of a departed loved one or stranger. The voice(s) specifically addresses living persons and their actual conditions.....

2. Telephone communication. The deceased simply calls the living and speaks.

3. Near death experience (NDE).

4. Post-mortem materializations: a living relative 'sees' the recently deceased. Often, the recipient of the vision had no idea that their close relation had died, the death was unexpected.

5.Poltergheist/haunting activity:

6. Direct voice mediumship

7. Reincarnation cases, that after intense analysis, still defy explanation.

Of course, all this supposed evidence doesn't necessarily mean that we actually are souls inhabiting bodies, or that everybody survives and lives on in another dimension- maybe only some of us survive, or maybe a cosmic trickster is playing a joke on us ?....In science, you cannot 'prove' anything, but you can mount a damn good argument.

This area of research brings us to another topic- the contrast between what we normally refer to as 'Consensus reality,' versus what most occult/paranormal writers refer to as ' The Goblin Universe.'


Blogger slskenyon said...

I think that is very interesting. Of course there has to be "more" in some way--the mystery of life it is--to existence than what we can literally perceive. I remember when I was in Chemistry class years ago and the teacher brought up that Einstein himself believed in the afterlife. His explanation had to do with how the brain works--that there is an "energy" (and yes, I am explaining this horribly, I know) that makes the brain work that becomes "absent" when that individual dies. Since energy cannot be created or destroyed, something had to happen to that energy ultimately. I always found that observation particularly interesting.

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