Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Who will live and who will die?

These remarks are generally correct, although the characterization "communist" sounds odd, since Obama and every member of his team originates from Wall Street. Not one solitary cabinet member or any other high official comes from labor, heavy industry, silicon valley,or academia- even the oil barons have been shut out. The new administration is a very tight banker alliance.

Obama is a cruel hoax- we had eight years of Neo-Con deceit and thuggery; the country was run into the ground, we were ripe for revolution. What did the ruling class do? They groomed a "black" man for the presidency- they put a new face on imperialism and fascism. Our rulers gave themselves a face lift...The angry "Leftists" have been pacified, as they imagine that policy will be more rational or humane. We have been tricked.

Obama is a giant fraud- the enormity of the bait -and- switch shows how desperate the political elites are- they know the people are waking up; the ruling class knows that most of their decisions are reckless and destructive...

Most people don't know that Obama voted to reauthorize the Patriot Act...He voted for the illegal warrant less wiretapping program; plus he voted to give the telecommunications companies involved in this spying retroactive immunity for their illegal acts.

Obama swore that on his first day in office, he would begin taking troops out of Iraq. Its six months later, and they have merely retreated to the relative safety of the rural countryside- the troops remain, while the war in Afghanistan escalates.

Obama has waffled on the Eastern European missile defense shield, which is a direct threat to Russia.

Obama swore that NAFTA and GATT would be renegotiated, to give a better shake to labor and help the environment. If you really believe that he will keep his promise, then you are a total fool and should never be allowed to vote again.

A cornerstone of Obama's campaign was a pledge to eliminate lobbyists and donors from his possible administration, to end their excessive influence over the political process...Every single high level appointment by Obama has been a lobbyist or a huge beneficiary of lobbyist money. Every one.

The mad schemes of the owners and rulers jeopardize all of our lives - don't be deceived into thinking that if you lay low, stay out of politics, and just do your (thankless) job and shut up, that you will survive the coming storm. Most of you won't.


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