Saturday, June 07, 2008

Belmont blues

Well, I was half right. I predicted some unexpected drama, but I didn't expect Big Dud to trot across the finish line in last place. This is the first time in Triple Crown history that the favorite finished dead last. Nobody knows what went wrong.

I predicted that Denis of Cork would come in second, which he did. Most of my money was on Denis of Cork, to place and to show, so I still won.

I said Casino Drive would fade; he faded alright- he never made it into the race, being scratched ten hours before the race.

The race was funny- the math said that certain horses couldnt win, because they were just too slow ( Beyer speed ratings are assigned to each horse after each race- these usually range from between 85- 105. The winner, Da'Tara, shouldn't have won, as his Beyer speed rating has never been high. He raced his best race, while several others-not just Big Dud- put in one of their worst performances).

Big Dud's other wins are now suspect, due to the use of steroids, which Big Dud's braggart trainer Dutrow admitted to using on BD. The drugs were not used this time. Did Big Dud win the other races only because he was hopped up on synthetic performance enhancing chemicals?

I noticed that the crowd at Belmont park were not very gracious toward the winner, Da'Tara. There was almost no applause or cheering, or even congratulations. Most people lost money, and America is so desperate for a hero, almost everyone wanted Big Dud to win.


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