Monday, February 11, 2008

Prince of platitudes

Barack Obama: He came out of nowhere, and now threatens the pre-planned Clinton restoration. He obviously uses a form of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques when he talks, attempting to hypnotize audiences (NLP is a partly CIA-derived mind control method pioneered in the 70's. Obama's speech shows certain rhythms, key words and phrases, and repetitions combined with certain tonal pitches and gestures- all designed to emotionally soothe yet excite, inspire, and convince. It seems to be working.

Obama is surrounded by shady characters- citizens of Israel are his foreign policy advisors, and he and his law firm have been implicated in a personal house purchase that he got for an obscenely low price, in exchange for manipulating the government to dole out millions of dollars to a real estate speculator that was suppose to turn slums into decent housing, yet the same houses have only remained rat-infested and have been joined by more decay in the neighborhood. Under normal circumstances Obama and his entire law firm staff would be arrested for massive fraud and abuse of the public trust, but it seems 'legal crime' has occurred.

Obama has advocated for the erasure of the second amendment, the further opening up of our leaky borders, and the reckless bombing of Pakistan, which could easily lead to a dramatic escalation of fighting all across Asia. President Carters National Security advisor-Zbigniew Brzenziski- is Obama's chief collegue and strategist-how is this suppose to be 'change'?

Goldman Sachs and a few other top-tier Wall street firms are his biggest backers (they have given him over 2.2 million dollars).
Obama is a do-nothing senator-he has not voted 17% of the time, and he has only sponsored one Bill- a proposal to airlift some snacks and band-aids to desperate people in the Congo (what about needy Americans?).
His investment portfolio shows a blatant disregard for the environment (He makes money when large tracts of forest are cut down in Indonesia, one of the last strongholds of the planets jungles and a former home to Obama).
He has been deceptive about his Wahabist-radical muslim past...

I think Cory Booker, the current corruption fighting mayor of Newark,N.J., should be the USA's first black President, and not Obama.


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