Wednesday, January 30, 2008


The idea that everything is 'art' has consequences:
1. It greatly diminshes the achievements of 'real' artists like Picasso and De Kooning and Michaelangelo, et al.
2. It 'enables' talentless poseurs

I recently went to a university lecture given by a goofy pretend artist- she merely puts wallpaper on objects out in the street, or she splashes white paint on drab buildings.... she had the post office put postal straps upon a blank canvas and then it became a near 'masterpiece...' then she mourned its loss......She also cut a piece of material into a circle and painted it red, and then placed it in the mathematical center of the city, and then took a photo of it.... she is hailed by the art world as a great avante-garde 'artiste.'
What a load of crap.


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I concur...

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